Trolley Tots, ltd - The UK's Leader in On-site Wagon & Trolley Rentals

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Who are we?

Trolley Tots is a small, family-run provider of personal logistics solutions for your festival needs. That's a rather complicated way of saying that we're just a family that loves going to festivals and we hire out trolleys to ease your festival experience!

Where to Find Us?

We'll be available at several festivals in the UK. We're planning our 2015 Festival schedule, with more to come.

Why Trolley Tots?

We've got years of festival experience in us. We love festivals and our kids love being there with us. Having had enough of dragging pushchairs though the mud, we tried a trolley for transporting our tots. We've never looked back and we've decided to share this festival-ease with you!

Trolley Triumphs

Our first trolley experience was at Green Man Festival. On the last day, our one-year-old got himself sopping wet (as all the other kids did) playing in the stream. When he was exhausted we threw on some dry clothes and put him in his trolley where he fell asleep for hours and we got to go enjoy the music. He even slept through Billy Bragg and Flaming Lips! We would love to hear your stories too.